Monday, June 20, 2011


Summer has finally arrived! We are tooooo excited! Our pool opened a few weeks late, but it opened. Wahoooooo!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Blog address

Hi there! Looking for Leonard Family updates? Please check out the NEW blog address. If you have us on your blog page, be sure to change our address there. If yo have us saved under favorites, change it to the new one, since I won't be posting updates on this one anymore. Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Potty Trained

I guess LaLa is potty trained now. Whew. I was really worried about that.


I really wanted to get a good shot of this picture, but it was too dark in her room, and I couldn't seem to get it without the flash showing up. Anyway, my friend Maren (I call her an artist, she swears she isn't) made this picture for Jacie. She drew it, colored it, the whole nine yards. No tracing it out of a book, or buying it and then coloring it. She did the whole thing. I love it! It hangs right above Jacie's crib. We've had it for awhile, but I never blogged about it before. It is by far the nicest piece if artwork we have in our house. Maybe next year when we are done we can buy some mroe nice pieces. Or I could just hire Maren to make it for me...


Kids are so funny. They change so fast, that you can hardly keep track of it. And then they go and do something that they haven't done in ages and you rethink things a bit. Its been forever since she has made huge messes with her food. She is getting really good at using a spoon and a fork, so I thought nothing of giving her a yogurt and spoon and letting her have at it on her own. I finished up the dishes to turn around and see this:
Jacie has found a new toy these days. Its an empty toilet paper roll. Now why in the world do I need to buy her toys when she is perfectly happy playing with something like this? That being said, she likes to take her little cloth tea cups and mash her fists into them and walk around like they are boxing gloves. So I guess the toys are OK...

I've come to a realization lately. Actually, it was a friend of mine that helped me see the light. I feel like since I've been out of school that I have had no time to get anything done. Housework falls way behind, I always feel like I am running running running, but nothing ever seems to get done. Why would that be? I was far busier while taking a huge load of classes and still managing to take care of the home front. So what happened to the time? Why is it not working now? My friend said that maybe it was a blessing while I was in school. That hit hard. I thought about it, and yep, she is right. There was no way I should have been able to read 20 books and plays, write a zillion long papers, study spanish, take care of my family, and manage to still hold a calling at church with just 24 hours in the day...all crammed into a four month span. Just no way. I was blessed for some reason to be able to accomplish everything that needed to get done. And now that its over, life has gone back to normal, and I am not used to it. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful for that blessing. Thankfully, I was able to get it all done and done right. One thing is for sure. I never would have been able to do it without the help of my gracious Heavenly Father. Thankfully, he loves me enough to grant me what I needed most: a blessing at a serious time of overwhelming demand and need.

More Shoes

Jacie hit a growth spurt recently. She grew out ofher size three shoes and into a four. That means she had to put away all of her threes and get some fours! When Ryan and I were in Arkansas, we saw these little boots at The Children's Place. How could I pass those up? Jacie loves them. I bought them in a 5 so that she can wear them longer. My little girl is growing up!

To the Lighthouse

Finally, Allison got to see her Lighthouse. When she first got here, I asked her what she wanted to do while here, and she said she wanted to see a lighthouse. I promised, and on her very last day here, she got to see one. Sadly, the lighthouse wasn’t open for tours, but we did get to play at the beach. We made a big day of it. Several of my friends and their kids joined us for a picnic and beach day. After all that sun, sand and water, we still managed to go shopping! It was a really fun day, and a great way to end the two month stay for Allison. Thanks for coming to visit, Alli! We sure love you!

Funny thing about this hat is that she will wear it! She won't wear her other hats, but this one she will. I wonder if it is because there aren't any chin straps on it. Whatever the reason, I'm glad she will wear a hat.

Jaymie, Violet and Oliver lounging at the beach. It was a tad bit cold that day, but Ok for the kids.
Ryan and Zack Ball. Their Mom Rebecca said she would pay me if I didn't post any pictures of her on my blog. Zack is Jacie's first little buddy. His Mom used to watch Jacie while I was in class.
Alli and her lighthouse!
Jacie wasn't a big fan of the water, but she sure loves the sand.
Couple more of my friends and their kids. There were 11 kids and 4 adults that day. Awesome fun.
Brinley Is such a cutie pie.
Ivy is one of Jacie's favorite people. She is such a huge help with her.
Of course this is Violet, who is featured quite frequently on my blog. Good little friend of Jacies.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More interviews

We have had some seriously busy weeks lately! We have been to three states in as many weeks, traveled to Lake Huron so Allison could see a lighthouse, back and forth to Detroit, and then everything else that is necessary, like laundry, food, mowing the lawn…But the biggest news is about our last two interviews after Washington.

While Allison was at Girls Camp, Ryan, Jacie and I went to Elko, NV. Like Washington, it is on Pacific time, so we knew it would be another crazy time zone adjustment. It was more than that…it was non-stop going from the time we got off the plane to the time we flew out! We got in at 5PM, and had to be to dinner by 6:30. How do you get spiffed up and ironed out in that amount of time? Needless to say, we were late. Jacie was horribly tired, and very clingy. However, we were able to see some friends of ours that lived there. The Whimples used to live out here in Michigan a few years ago, but moved to Elko when he finished residency. They look exactly the same! We had a nice dinner, and then followed them back to their amazingly beautiful house. Their kids were all grown up, but still as sweet as ever. That turned into a late night for us, but well worth it. Ironically, we watched their kids for them while they went to Elko to interview for the job! Hmmm...The next day was non-stop, as well. While Ryan was interviewing, the recruiter lady named Nicole showed Jacie and I around the town and hospital. After that, the Doctor took us to lunch near the mountains and then drove us through some of the most beautiful mountain range I have ever seen. I was so tired, I actually slept for part of it. I was wiped out by that point. That evening we had a very nice dinner, and then we went back to the hotel for me to get ready to fly out on my own with Jacie the next morning. I was more than a little worried about flying by myself with her. I don’t know what I was worried about—it was a piece of cake! She did really really well. The hardest part of the entire day was hauling a suitcase, stroller with a baby, and a car seat out to the shuttle to go find our car. What a mess! We survived, though, and it was nice to get home and see Allison again. Jacie really missed her and ate up all the attention she was getting from Alli. Oh, and sorry, no pictures of Elko. There was never a moment to just relax and take a shot or two!

After that trip, and after Alli flew home, Ryan and I caught yet another flight to Fort Smith, Arkansas. This time we flew out of Flint and it was soooooo much easier!! Two short flights and we were there. Once we got there, I had to really use the facilities. Jacie and I wandered into the bathroom and I felt like I was in a 5 star hotel! Wing backed couches and chairs, flowers, full length mirrors, lotions, you name it! It was by far the nicest bathroom I have ever used—anywhere! The Fort Smith trip was super short and super fast. Both of us wished her would have had one more day to explore the area. What little we did get to see, we really liked. We were busy from the word go, but it was all very good. The doctors and recruiter were all really nice, and very accommodating. We had to find the mall first thing because Ryan forgot to take a tie. I loved the mall. It was awesome! There are a lot of great shopping options, and of course, dining options. The only day we really had any free time was the morning we were leaving. We flew out at 11AM, and we were early risers that day. We headed out to check things out and stopped at the court house. Get this…they still have The Gallows from the 1800’s when you used to hang people! We thought it would be interesting to check out.

I believe the giant building in the back is the visitors center, but I could be wrong.
Do I look tired? That would be because I AM!! Worn out, completely. Jacie sure looks fresh and happy, though.
Here it is--complete with a noose!
They only hang a noose up on the anniversary of a hanging. It just to happened that the day we stopped was the anniversary of the very first hanging. I got goosebumps all over by body and shivered with chills. Creepy!

This is the awesomely nice bathroom. Funny thing is that when they asked how we liked their airport, I told them about the bathroom and they laughed and laughed. I guess they got some national award for the nicest airport bathroom. I can see why! This picture really doesn't do it justice.

Just another fun video of Jacie. She is playing with Ryan.

Tub fun

Jacie truly cracks herslef up in the tub. She really thinks she is something funny. She must get that from Ryan. He thinks he is pretty funny, too. Most of the time, they are both right.

Wii Player

It seems we have another video game player in our house. Jacie played the Wii for the first time the other day. She enjoyed it so much that when I took her away from it, she had a tantrum (which, by the way are getting bigger and bigger. She will roll around on the floor now, sprawl herself out completely, and wail at the top of her lungs). Allison was good enough to play with Ivy and Jacie for awhile one day while I was taking care of Ivy’s two younger sibs. She loves that Wii!

Random Stuffs

Ever the girl, she loves to have little purse type things on her arms these days. This is her little picnic basket that has cloth food in it. She cares it aroud like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Jacie has been exploding with new developments lately. Her sense of humor is definitely budding. She loves to jabber, then will laugh at what she says. She also does things that she thinks will make us laugh. Words are just flying out of her moth these days. Its a good thing we don’t swear, because if we did, she would be sure to say those, too. Some of her newest sayings are “cheese” and “no no no no no”, just the way I say it. She also says “bye, see you.” Sadly, if there is something she really wants to do, she has no problem telling me bye. We were at the airport not too long ago and I was trying to go one way, and she wanted to go another. I was trying to trick her into following me by saying “bye, see you later” and she called my bluff. She said her own good-bye and took off the other direction. She is just exploding with personality these days. Very fun stage.
I can't tell if she was really hungry, or just trying to be funny. She put the mail between her teeth, and then make little squeeking noises to get our attention. This was one of those laugh so hard you aren't making any noise but there are tears rolling down your face moments.
Ah...the gold fish. I know when she thinks she needs a snack. She will get out a bowl, her gold fish, and try to dump them in the bowl. When that doesn't work, she will come get me to dump them for her. Getting a bit independent!
This picture cracked me up. All she needs in the hand down the pants and a can of something in her other hand. Lounger. Totally chillin'.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Peek-a-boo and Anatomy

This is for the grandparents, mostly. Jacie was in a very good mood this day and wanted to share her discoveries. While we were at dinner in Washington, Julie (the recruiter) played peek-a-boo with LaLa. Jacie must of remembered because she started to do it on her own. She also has to show all of her body parts. The second video clip is of her belly button, because I missed it the first time.

Convertible Chair

Jacie loves having her chair in the front room. What I didn't know is that it is a convertible chair. She tipped it over the other day, and sat down in it like that is the way it is supposed to be.
LaLa also gets to sit there when Jacie wants to play with other toys. Cute.

Style choices

On this particular day, Jacie decided the rain boots and dress were necessary to play outside.
Cute, eh?
The next day, he just HAD to wear the green ones. She had on a purple and white outfit, but just had to wear the green galoshes.
I was cleaning her room from top to bottom this day, but took a moment to document her style choices.
Watch out Britney Spears, here comes someone that it cuter than you!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Higbees at the Zoo

Believe it or not, we went to the zoo again. That makes four zoo trips this summer-two in Idaho, and two otu here. Jacie loves it every time, and every time, her favorite thing there are the penguins. She laughs and laughs. this time, she actually enjoyed the butterflt arboratum thingy. In the picture above, he was staring at one. She kept points at all of them that were flying around and wanted so bad to touch one.
This part here in the bird zone. Lots of interesting and beautiful birds! Why is it that I go to a zoo, and the most interesting thing there is my daughter? It is so fun to see her wonder and amazement at things like birds an butterflies.
See those lips? She has been doing that lately. Puckering, but not the way you pucker to give a kiss. She'll walk around like that. Its quite funny to see. She is starting to give real kisses, too. Instead of the straight lips, she will actually smack her lips. After she gives you the kiss, she says thank you and smiles. Too cute!!
Lanie really wanted Jacie to ride with Jacie, but decided that it was more fun to ride by herself.
Brynley wanted so bad to sit on this frog, but he was wet. Her solution? Cover the water with dirk and sit on it that way.

More Washington

How could I not post pictures of the cousins?! Friday was a free day while in Washington, and we had great plans. Oh, how those plans never work the way you think they will. Here is how it was GOING to go:

  • Go to the Howard Amon park to play at 10AM and meet some friends that live in the area

  • Meet up with Doug in The Dalles Oregon for lunch

  • get back and have a yummy dinner

  • Go to the minor league game we had tickets for

  • Drop Ryan and Jacie off at the hotel and Judy and Alli go see The Dark Knight ( we had free tickets)

Here is how it really happened:

  • Go to Howard Amon park, drive around for awhile to find a place to park. Nothing available because of the Art Fair that was also at the park. Miss out on the friends (even forgot to call them to tell them!!)

  • Drive to The Dalles. In the car forEVER.

  • Get there and say hello and go for lunch at Taco Time

  • Play at the park in The Dalles

  • Drive home. In the car forEVER. Really only 1.5 hours, but still in the car. It was very fun to see Doug and his kids, though, so very very worth the drive

  • Get back to Washington in time for Judy to become a monster because she is starving and needs food. Settle in for some PF Changs with Wild and crazy Jacie hair and the rest of us a little dusty and windblown from being outside

  • Go to the game, albeit late.

  • Skip the movie, go back to the hotel to do laundry and pack for our departure the next morning

All in all, it was a fabulous day, although we flaked on some people. Speaking of which, I need to call them...

Zack was Jacie's best bud. She thought (or I think she thought) that he was making the wind blow. They sat in the sand and laughed and laughed.Trevian was very excited to see Jacie. She even brought her a toy from her toybox. It is one of those octopus's that have squeaky tentacles. Jacie loves it because it makes some sort of noise. This is a funny picture to post, I know, but the reason is because of the following conversation: Judy-I think she is OK, Trev. She can get through by herself.

Trevian- I'll just help her

Jacie-~~clunk~~ as she hits her head

Trevian-I think I helped her too much.

It was pretty cute.

Here is Allison trying to looked interested in being at The Dalles, but she really was less than thrilled with being hauled yet another place with nobody her age. Poor kid.And the crazy hair. This is before she pulled out the right side pigtail. It got a whole lot worse because we lost one of the barrettes, and the hair tie. I think he must have eaten the hair tie.

Finally, the baseball game! it was a lot of fun, and Jacie enjoyed the mascot Dusty until she got next to him, then she backed as far away as she could. It was a very good trip, but too short, or course.

Monday, July 28, 2008


These are not the greatest pictures, but it shows her most favorite toy right now. They are these little magnetic dolls that my sister got her. She has figured out that the little outfits stick to the people and loves to put them on, then take them off. She will sit and play with them for quite a long time for someone that isn't even a year and a half yet! Thanks, Aunt Tricia!!

Of course, the partner in crime is never far off, no matter what she is doing. However, on ocassion we still find her in random places, like the hall closet, Allison's room (no doubt traded for Ailli's cell phone) and today, her church bag by the back door. Don't forget the incident of the laundry shoot, and the time I found her under the bathroom sink. There has been the sanck cupboard, too. Poor Lala. Ryan said that the magnetic dolls are not her favorite toy, that Lala is. I said Lala isn't a toy. She is a comforter, a mentor, a best friend. In short, she is a besty. The besty over everything. Kinda reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes. Did I mention she feeds Lala? Oh, yes...and then there was the toilet dipping of yesterday. She thought Lala needed to swim, too. I was trying to put on some makeup in the bathroom when I heard a little series of Oooohs. I turn my head and see Lala getting a repeated bum dunk in the toilet.

Typical Sunday Afternoon

Look like fun? Ryan and I were making dinner Sunday evening, and Jacie thinks that is the time she needs to break out the gold fish. We happened to have a bag from the Washington trip in her snack cupboard. Just as I turned around to get the bag from her, I heard this terrific crash and scatter. Ryan was over by the sink, Allison was by the table, and I was at the counter that looks over into the front room. All of us stood there and stared at Jacie, who looked up at us, then began to cry hysterically. I said she was upset because she thought she was in trouble. Ryan aid she cried because her fish were on the floor instead of in her bowl. Maybe both? Oh, and yes...she does have other dresses, but I wanted to put this one on her one last time before she couldn't wear it anymore.
Sunday evening usually brings some crazy hair. Jacie always pulls out whatever I did to her hair. I don't mind so much, but I di mind when she does it while we are out and I can't fix it. That happened while were were in Washington right before we went to P.F. Changs. We looked like quite the rough group with one pig tail on the left side and crazy hair on the other. Oh well! But the point of this picture is to show her most favorite pair of new shoes--her rain boots! She has a matching jacket that goes with them, and will wear them everywhere. I bet she would wear them to church, if I let her. Too cute, eh? And no, I did not buy the shoes for her-Nana did.
I think I might wear a pair of these they are so cute!
Sunday evening after dinner brought a bike ride. Jacie loves the bike trailer now, but fell asleep 15 minutes into the bike ride. We turned around when we discovered her sleeping and took her home. Darn...